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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | May 20, 2019

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Wine regions near Barcelona

Wine regions near Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

Barcelona has always been and will always be a very close to the art of wine. Its geography and climate have made it possible. The variety of landscapes, between mountains, plains and coastlines helps grow the most spectacular vineyards. Today we have decided to take you for a stroll through the most characteristic Denominations of Origin near Barcelona.

Denomination of Origin Alella

It is literally attached to Barcelona. In fact, it is possible to reach the nearby winery in 20 minutes from Plaça Catalunya by car. It is a characteristic place because of its mountainous landscape and it blends perfectly with the sea. The marine breezes pass through the vineyards and make the wines grow in harmony and free of plagues. This is one of the reasons why the area produces many organic wines. The most loved grape variety is the Xarel·lo or as it is called there: Pansa Blanca.

do alella

La Vanguardia

Denomination of Origin Penedès

This is the oenological zone with the largest area of terroir. The biggest wineries have been established here. The flat soil makes possible to perform the harvest with machines and in this way reduce costs. The wines that come out of these lands typically reflect a gentle and very perfumed character.


Vins & Co

Denomination of Origin Cava

Cava is a sparkling wine very appreciated by wine connoisseurs. In fact, it is made employing the traditional French method. Its secret, rests in the bottle maturation, so the bubble is formed uniformly and it evolves as subtle as possible. The landscape is one of many contrasts. It has so much mountain landscape, with exceptional views of Montserrat, but also sea line, around Sitges.

Diputació de Barcelona

Diputació de Barcelona

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