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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | May 12, 2021

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October agenda

October agenda

Autumn is here! But do not worry, there is plenty to see and do in Barcelona! We have picked out a few things for you:

Andy Warhol – More than 300 pieces of art created by pop artist Andy Warhol have made their way to Caixa Forum, and this exhibition is one that cannot be missed. There are also several portraits of Warhol made my important artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe.

Barcelona Jazz Festival

Barcelona Games World – Is gaming your thing? Then head to this big games fair that takes place during 4 days and where you can find out all about new games, play retro video games, participate in cosplay and attend workshops.

Games World Barcelona

Games World (

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – If you are a fan of Harry Potter then this concert is for you. You will be able to see the movie, while a symphony orchestra interprets the music from the soundtrack. An unforgettable experience!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (

Primavera Club – One of the biggest festivals in Barcelona also has an autumn set, and the lineup for this year will not disappoint. Many of the artists come to Spain for the first time, so have a look to see who are on their way!

Primavera Club

Primavera Club (

Antic Cinema – Autumn is here and what is better than a good old science fiction movie from the 50s! Antic Cinema has set aside autumn Mondays for a special treat to sci-fi movie lovers.

Antic Cinema

Antic Cinema

Barcelona BBQ Festival - The first edition of this finger-licking festival will be taking place in October, and we will certainly not miss it! We cannot wait to see what kind of delicacies are being served.





  1. A lot of great shows are in October! Octoberfest in Germany! And I would love to see The Andy Warhol exhibition!

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